100 forex sites

Moody’s Cuts India’s Growth Forecast to 7. With some of these forex sites, I have 100 forex sites kinds of collaboration which I’m happy with, and it’s also an opportunity to thank them.

Forex Factory: The largest forex forum has an excellent calendar and a wonderful news section I’m proud to be a member of. FXStreet: My collaboration with this multi-lingual forex giant is with daily outlooks as well as aggregated weekly forecasts and previews of big events. Forex Live: Based on a blogging platform and publishing content like a Twitter feed, Forex Live is there for you all the time. They include interbank moves that affect forex, constant news updates and lots more. It’s a great resource which I use daily. Alphaville: A blog of the Financial Times, Alphaville provides great analysis into macro analysis, helping understand the news behind the news.

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