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Are there climbing vines that don’t damage stucco? Based on my research, climbing vines such as Creeping Fig attach themselves to surfaces using ‘peds’, which are next to impossible to remove, and end up damaging surfaces such as stucco. It has been recommended to me to build a lattice 8-12 feet away from the wall, and let the plant climb on that, but that isn’t an option for me. What other options are available for less destructive vines to cover the wall of a house or other stuccoed surface without damaging the surface? You will need to put trellis or lattice up, but the grapes won’t glue themselves to the stucco and so the lattice can lay right up against the wall.

Grapes are also delicious if you pick a good edible variety or good for making wine if you pick a suitable wine making variety. Edit: if you are growing figs, maybe grapes aren’t the best idea. Other choices are perhaps kiwis or passion fruit? Unfortunately building a lattice isn’t an option in this case. That makes me wish it was though! Well it can be right up against the wall, that’s still not an option?

Our HOA requires that houses be a basically beige stucco. Bit of a problem then, given the two methods of climbing plants use – I can see why they decrease value, despite increasing the aesthetic appeal. I’ve seen clinging vines rip the paint off walls, grow into crevices and tear siding off. They also tend to promote rot in damp climates. Twiners do worse damage with any opening they grow into and as they grow, crush any support they’re allowed to encompass. You could have the frames on hinges do they would open like French doors and you could trim the inside of the vine to keep It from growing on the house walk itself. Not the answer you’re looking for?

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