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I got to admit, this post is a little silly since it has nothing to do with the actual Bitcoin world. Bitcoin Billionaire is a mobile game for iOS and Android in which you play a young entrepreneur who decides to start mining Bitcoins in order to become rich. The game is pretty simple, you tap the screen in order to mine Bitcoins and you invest your newly earned coins into new Bitcoin mining rigs and other investments that yield Bitcoin. I’m sure it doesn’t sound very interesting at first, I didn’t think it had much to it as well. Mostly I play this game when I’m trying to pass the time as there’s nothing much to do other than tapping the screen as much as you can. I couldn’t agree with it more now that I’ve played the game for the past week. As you progress throughout the game your scenery will change, you will get to new clothing, pets and even get to travel through time, trust me it’s all very enjoyable.

And apparently not just for me, the game got a 4. 5 rating from over 185K reviews on Google Play and a 5 star rating from over 33K reviews on the app store. If you want to play the game you can download it for Android here and for iOS here. Many people say tap with 2 finger on each hand but I found that using 4 fingers on a single hand on after the other works best for me. Make sure to upgrade your Bitminer when you can as it will give you more Bitcoins per tap.

There’s a total of 75 Bitminer upgrades available. Purchase investments so that you will keep earning Bitcoins even when you’re not tapping and even when you’re not playing the game. Each day you get daily rewards such as the ability to collect up to 25 hyperbits and a daily spin on the Bitcoin roulette. Make sure to take advantage of these bonuses as much as possible. The game uses a pretty smart way to get users to view ads. Bitcoin going down, you can avoid that event by watching an ad.

Depending on the event consider watching an ad in order to cancel it. It may be worth watching a 30 second ad instead of tapping 5 more minutes to get that money back. Again, it may be worth your time to watch that ad. Complete achievements in order to earn free coin bonuses on a permanent basis. Go to the achievement section in the menu and look for the ones that have a coin next to them. In that section you will be able to earn Hyperbits by following Bitcoin Billionaire on Twitter, Enabling push notifications and more.

You can pay 1 Hyperbit in the store in order to redesign your character. 200 mining power, the ability to just hold your finger on the screen instead of tapping and more. If you’re really lazy just make sure to accumulate enough offline investment and leave your phone without auto sleep working for the night. However if you reset it after getting the Bitminer 25.

0 you will geta a built in Bitminer bonus percentage, making your second play through go by faster. Bitcoin Billionaire Mod APK For those of you who don’t wish to play fair and want to cut to the chase you can find a sizeable amount of hacks online. Download a modified file that will give you a large or even unlimited amount of coins. This will be available for Android phones only. The second option is risky, because you’re basically downloading and executing a file on your phone that you do not know its origin. This means that the file may contain malware or some other nasty stuff, so do this at your own risk.

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