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M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. VLC window to resize, getting bigger than my screen is. Can I set up VLC to never resize its bitcoin qt exe when I don’t do it myself and resize content instead? PS, it was an extreme PITA to find that the first time I was looking for it.

I actually dug into the vlc source before I figured out where they hid that stupid checkbox. You also have to set VLC to USE the QT interface. Went to the HUGE trouble of actually logging into the site to upvote. Interface then uncheck the box Resize interface to video size. This answer is more up to date.

The older answer works if you have the “Show All” or whatever it’s called enabled, but this is definitely the quickest way to the solution, nowadays. This answer actually highlights which checkbox to modify. When I started a video VLC was always maximized. The box was checked by default. Now whenever I start a video the window resizes to the video original size which is what I wanted. First choose the window size you like the VLC window to be.

Then hold down the Ctrl and close the window with the X icon. When you reopen VLC, it should open the window in the same size you closed it. Thanks, this worked for me and is exactly what I needed. 1 That checkbox in settings doesn’t make sens, but this method made the trick.

I’m going to install VLC on this computer and look into setting max sizes through the GUI. I’ll report back if I find anything. I am almost certain that he doesn’t want to transcode anything, he just wants the interface to stop resizing. H when you open a video. You can then resize it accordingly. Interface then uncheck the box Resize interface to video size and the box Integrate video in interface, restart.

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