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Gracias a Sim22 por su aporte. Open new chart and apply the template. This has been tested to the best forex flash vsa indicator ninjatrader my ability, but use at your own risk!

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Method of Volume Spread Analysis, which reveals manipulations and “smart money” transactions, is rapidly gaining popularity, but while 5-6 years ago the traders studied the market on their own, now the VSA indicator can take some of the functions. To immediately send a thought in the right direction, let’s recall some theory. Unfortunately, many new traders understand VSA as a simple histogram analysis of the volume, which is not quite true. Of course, it is an important part of this method, but the candle’s spread plays no less important role here.

In this case, spread refers not to the difference between the ask and bid prices, but to the range of candle from High to Low. These are not subjective opinions, but the conclusions based on VSA. Motley markup is a bit shocking, since the main purpose of the supporters of Volume Spread Analysis is trading on a clean chart, but we should not jump to conclusions, because this VSA indicator does not use any additional formulas, and all this “painting” is only used for the best perception of the patterns. This function can’t be disabled, but if it overloads the chart, you can always reduce the thickness of the lines in the settings.

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