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Click here to learn more about us at Gravity Tales! Part Four of the Way of Choices First Arc Now Available on Amazon! Featured Novel Original Synopsis: The change that had started, so that a God may rid himself of his boredom. The diary of Kang Hansoo who had come back in order to save humanity which had been destroyed by the change. Ekdud’s Revised Synopsis: A bored God suddenly decides to create a whole new world called the in order to solve his boredom. Humanity gets forcibly sent into this world along with other races and creatures where they needed to kill, adapt, improve and struggle in order to just barely survive. Now, after the final 100 remaining humans had all been killed, their hopes has been handed over to Kang Hansoo.

This is the diary of Kang Hansoo and his path to saving humanity. Keep yourself updated through social media! Lesieur Cristal SA produces, sells, and markets agricultural and food-based products. It offers cooking oil, condiments, soap, and liquid detergents.

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