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The six base patterns support a growth investing approach and provide instant recognition of patterns that may otherwise go unseen. Consistent use of this feature will assist you in technical stock analysis and the establishment of proper buy and sell points. Turn Pattern Recognition On Pattern Recognition On To activate Pattern Recognition, click the Pattern Recognition icon above the chart in the Ifundtraders forex converter Toolbar. Pattern Recognition will automatically display base patterns on Daily and Weekly stock charts.

Please Note: Pattern Recognition is not available for index, industry group or mutual fund charts. Stage It is important to be aware of where a stock is in relation to the number of bases it has formed. Stocks emerging from third, fourth or later stage bases are late in their moves and may be more likely to fail. On the other hand, breakouts from first and second stage bases generally have a higher probability of success. Stages begin at 1 and increase with each subsequent base pattern formed. Count begins at 1 and increases numerically with each new base pattern, regardless of the magnitude.

It is the raw count of the number of bases since the last reset. Note: IPO Bases do not display either Stage or Count as neither are applicable for that particular pattern. Pivot The Pivot is indicated for each base. This value corresponds to the dashed Pivot Line. Pivot is displayed in black in the top right corner of both Daily and Weekly charts. Key Price Ranges The Profit, Pivot, and Loss Ranges are determined from the pivot point for the most recent base. This is a quick and easy way to identify ideal trading zones.

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